Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rolling, bottle holding and the return of 4AM

This week has been full of excitement for the Riplets. It all started the end of last week with Addison showing us that she knows how to roll over. Since then, Jack decided he needed to roll over as well, just to prove that she isn't the only talented one. Except Jack decided to wait until he was in his crib for naptime...which isn't the BEST time to try it out since he forgot to lift his head. Luckily, mommy heard his muffled voice on the monitor and went to check out what was going on. Since then, Jack hasn't really gotten the full "roll over" thing down least not in front of any of us!

Jordan on the other hand has absolutely NO urge to roll over. Infact- he spends his time wanting to stand and making sure that each time he stands from the sitting position that everyone in the room is aware of his accomplishment. He actually will look around with a very proud face and even turn to see who's behind him. The other very LARGE accomplishment this week for Jordan was that he held his bottle through almost a full feeding!! On Friday morning Daddy left for a meeting around 11AM and as we said good bye, Jordan was hungry and demanding (through very strong whines) his bottle. As I went to show it to him and show him the sign for "bottle" and point and say "baba" he grabbed it from me and put it in his mouth before I could even finish. Here's the video:

All three have been practicing sitting up and playing with toys during "tummy time" as well. Of course Jordan has no interest in sitting, but the other two are starting to get the concept. They are loving the idea that they can hold toys in an upright position instead of always in the air above them while they lay on the floor.

Besides their great accomplishments of the week, we do have one sad set back to announce. After a few weeks of pretty restful nights, Jack and Addison have decided that 4am is the new 6am. (Very similiar to "40 is the new 30" except this doesn't have any real benefits that mommy and daddy can see) We have come to the conclusion that these two were conspiring against us and Jordan to make 4AM playtime. We've tried to just let them "talk" themselves back to sleep except they know enough to just get louder and louder and that eventually they will be taken out of the room because "poor little Jordan" will wake up otherwise. So this leads to daddy's new nickname for the two of them:



  1. Super cute! I'm pulling for Jordan! He'll be sitting up in no time:) I know it took Jax awhile! Way to go holding your own bottle baby jordan!!
    Remember the baby I told you about, Stellan? The one that Crystal and I held up a sign for at the New Kids concert? He was flown to Boston yesterday to Children's Hospital, where he is now under the care of new physicans there. Fenway Park lite up their score board with "Welcome to Boston Stellan". Just wanted to share, it's obvious your a Red Sox's fan :)
    This is the site for the photo we took at the concert, along with photos from people all over the world praying for stellan. Our photos is about 1/5 way down the site.

  2. hey. i found your blog through april's blog, i also am from wisconsin. and while i don't have mulitples, i have four kiddos under four. so i 'kinda' know the crazy stuff that can ensue with kiddos close in age. mine are just months apart not minutes. :0) i'll be back!! :0)