Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Aboard for Blanket Bay

Today was a very busy and interesting day for the Riplets. First of all, Addison has something to add to her "firsts" list. She rolled over from her back to tummy today!! Of course after weeks of us trying to get any of them to make the full roll, she waited until it was diaper time and did it all on her own. Now each time we put her on her back she grunts and groans and continues to try to roll over. We told Jordan and Jack (as they each woke up from their naps) and both seemed thoroughly annoyed with her. Jack then proceeded to try to make the full roll himself just to take the spotlight off of her. hahaha Jordan on the other hand had no interest. He's too busy trying to figure out how to walk or at least move around without having to rely on us.

We also took time today to have the kids dress up in the sailor outfits Memere and Pepere got them. We were planning to save the outfits for their 6 month pictures in a few weeks, but after we tried them on, we realized they may not fit them by then!!! The boys both had issues with
them being pretty snug in their torso. We also were sad to find that both of the boys' outfits had security tags attached to them still and the tags had their hats attached to it. SO...these pictures aren't quite as cute as they could be. Luckily, daddy was going to try to saw the tags off tonight for us. That's why we did A LOT of pictures first, just in case he gets ink all over the outfits and himself!

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  1. Those oufits are a riot!! The tongue sticking out is super cute!! He knows he's getting his picture taken. "Remembering this one Mommy..."