Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're 6 months old!!

Six months ago today, we entered the world...

Today was not that much different then that first day, because it was bath day, so we were naked and cold just like those first moments of our lives. Luckily- none of us cried during bath time today though.

Besides baths we had a very eventful day. We woke up and had our usual play, bottle, nap schedule. Vicki came to play with us today, which is our usual Thursday routine. Around 2pm grandma showed up and brought us a "6 month old" b-day present (which we had no idea you'd get!) She played with us until our cousins came home from school. When Eli and Sai got home they decided to make us birthday signs. They both took a lot of time to make them for us and they turned out really nice. After dinner, the signs were finished and we got cake and ice cream and got to wear Sesame Street b-day hats!!!

Here we are with Vicki playing!

We also got to skype with memere and pepere after our bath time and before our "nudey time". (that's a whole different post to explain!) By the time we finished talking with them, we were exhausted and just took our final bottle and fell fast asleep.

Jonah, Eli,Isaiah,Jack, Jordan, Addison

The rest of this week was full of more news, too. Mommy just hasn't found the time to post any of it. Let's see...first of all- Addison is now rolling ALL THE TIME. She prefers laying on her tummy now and will whine or cry if we force her to lay on her back. Addie also has no concerns for others in her way. When she wants to roll over, she'll roll onto her brothers or toys or anything that is next to her. If she can't get completely rolled over she'll cry or yell at whatever is stopping her. Jack is also now rolling to his tummy and seems to like it. He's just not doing it each time he gets on the floor.

Jordan still has no urge to try rolling over, but has decided he can sit up now. We've come to the conclusion that he hates practicing. He just wants to "do it" when he's ready. The other two have been trying and trying to sit up and they'll make it about 10 seconds or so and then tip over. Not Jordan- he's really sturdy all on his own most of the time.

All three also seem to be extremely crabby this week. We're assuming this is teething, since all of them have been drooling like mad and keeping their fingers (and sometimes full fists) in their mouths all day long. Hopefully something pops out soon or mommy and daddy may go crazy from all the fussiness!

Tomorrow is our 6 month pictures at Target....wish us luck! (and no crying-haha)


  1. I can't believe how time has flown by.
    Look at the three of you, getting so big.
    Looks like you had a fun day today on your 6 month anniversary.
    Give big smiles for your pictures tomorrow.
    See you next week.
    All our love,
    Memere & Pepere xoxoxo

  2. how cute! they are truly adorable. and my son just turned six months old yesterday, where does that time go!?! he wasn't so blessed to get half birthday presents though. or cake for that matter! :0)