Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're a Featured Blog the Week!

We are the featured blog of the week this week at This Mama Rocks. Mommy is really excited about this. She has been reading this blog for awhile now and was really happy when she was contacted about being a featured blog. Go check out This Mama Rocks today and add her to your blog list, too!

ItalicThis week has been a rainy one, with only a few patches of dry weather for us to go out and play. Of course, mommy had other plans for us. She decided because it was cooler weather to put us in one of our product review outfits and do a photo shoot. Needless to say (after seeing the pictures below) we were not thrilled. This was a shoot for Eden's Bouquet. They are a sponsor for our Mid Summer's Blog Party in July- you won't want to miss it!


  1. OH! Addison just doesn't want to play that game right now. I do love the dress. Jack & Jordan you look really cool in your new outfits.

  2. You are a bunch of cutie pa tuties! Found you on This Mama Rocks!

  3. Just gave you an award on my blog, go to my site to pick it up!!! :)