Monday, June 28, 2010


We spent Saturday with our cousins and Auntie Dawn & Uncle Mark on their boat. I wasn't exactly sure what this "boat" they spoke of was, but I know my daddy said there was water involved and you all know me, I won't miss a party that water is at!
When we got to the lake, they were all in the boat already and we just needed to get our life jackets on and in the boat ourselves. I should've known that I wouldn't like a "life jacket" I mean, the name itself makes me nervous. After mommy, daddy and Auntie Dawn struggled (and fought us) to get our life jackets on, Uncle Mark started the engine and we were off in the boat on the lake. Let me tell you, this boat goes REALLY fast and we got splashed with water (the best part) as we bounced along. I thought it was so much fun, even better then our bouncy horse or bouncing on the bed. Jordan and Addison loved it, too.
We all got uncomfortable wearing our life jackets though, they were up under our chins and really hot. Luckily, we stopped the boat in the middle of the lake and got to go swimming to cool off. I was the only of the Riplets to go swimming, too! I felt pretty brave getting in but it helped that Jonah was there to make sure I could do it.
Here's a few pictures of us from the day. Enjoy!

Jonah, Mommy, Me, Jordan

Can you tell how much we love these life jackets?
Here I am...about to dive in!


  1. You look like your in straight jackets. Your still as cute as can be.
    Safty first!

  2. how fun! My 3 yr old was screaming a fit last weekend when we went boating. It was embarrassing..but that's my

  3. SO jealous!! I was just saying to Paul on Sunday afternoon - wouldn't it just be great to have a boat out on a lake today? Those life jackets are hilarious and Addison's face makes me crack up!! Surprised and proud to see that Jack made it in the water. I don't know how Jax would have done with that :) Take care!!

  4. It is a great way to spend the day! We have friends that took us on their boat, and my son just loved it!

  5. Love that shot of them all lined up. Soooooo cute!