Monday, June 7, 2010

The Broilerfest

We finally got to go to the carnival my mommy has been telling us about. Its one she's been going to since she was little. Mommy told us that they had a BIG slide and a bunch of fun rides we could go on. The boys were excited to hear about that, while I was more interested in the food she said they had. She said they have the very best charcoal chicken in the World.

We went on Saturday after our morning naps. I was so excited to go eat lunch at the carnival! I was slightly disappointed (okay REALLY mad) when mommy pulled out our PB&J sandwiches from home. How embarrassing?! Who brings their own lunch to the carnival? I guess The Riplets do, that's who. Luckily, we got to eat in our choo choo wagon while everyone pulled us around to see the rides, games and people. Mommy seemed to know A LOT of people. Everyone kept coming up to us asking "are these the triplets?!" I wish I could've told them, "nope, just three kids about the same age that mommy found on her way here". hehe

Let's get to the good stuff. We got to go on a few rides while we were there. We started out on a car ride and daddy found us a tank to ride that had three steering wheels all in the front for us. I thought it was okay, until it started moving. Then I hung on to the railing for dear life! Jordan was really embarrassed about being three in the front and just covered his eyes for most of the ride. Jack on the other hand had a blast. Infact- we've decided that if mommy & daddy really decide to only let one of us drive, we'll let Jack have the honors. That way Jordan and I can goof off while he drives us.

Here's a few pictures of our fun day. Enjoy! Don't forget to check out mommy's giveaway today from Loopty Loo Designs and today is our cousin's birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAIAH!


  1. Jordan your so funny.
    Happy Birthday Isaiah!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun... I love the last picture of the three of them!