Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Favorite Part of the Morning!

Okay, Addison may not agree with me on this one, but its my post so too bad. hehe

Mommy has us on a routine each morning. We like it that way, because we always know what's going to happen next. Jordan and I love when its time to go down stairs and play. Mommy let's us climb down the stairs by ourselves and then tells us to run around and get out all of our "crazies" out. I do my part by running and screaming and shutting doors on Addie and Jordan. I especially like to shut Addison in mommy and daddy's closet when she's in there looking at mommy's shoes. She hates it and usually screams for a long time afterwards. I do it to get even for the many times she's bullied me. I can't really sit on her or try to push her around, she's bigger then me!

Anyways- the other fun part of playing down stairs each morning is being able to bounce on mommy and daddy's bed! We always climb up on it and then ask mommy to bounce us up really high. (okay, so you all know we barely talk-- but we usually play charades with mommy so she knows what we're talking about). I've been getting brave and I'll try to stand up on the bed, too! Its fun and Jordan always laughs when I try.

Here's a few pictures of us on the bed. Enjoy!

Check out this finally picture. Mommy finally found us a park with three swings. It was on accident, too...we were just going to the cemetery to visit mommy's grand parents (our great grand parents) and the little town its in had them! So, mommy says this picture if for you, Beth!

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