Friday, June 4, 2010

We're Back!

We have a lot of catching up to do for you, sorry we were gone! Mommy's new computer crashed on Memorial Day (while she was trying to announce the winners of her blog party) and we haven't had a computer to post with since then. I was having major with drawls, I couldn't check my emails, my stocks, facebook?! I was lost.

First of all, A LOT has happened in the past week plus that we've posted. I got my first hair cut EVER. Mommy did it and it looks pretty good. I don't have a specific picture to show you of it and the back (its somewhere but mommy can't find it right now) but I'll post one soon.

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend. Mommy & Daddy took us on a drive to Auntie B's and Uncle James' house. They have the best yard we've ever seen! It is fenced in so everyone let us run around wherever we wanted to. We got to try out their play set, which had its own sandbox underneath which Jack really enjoyed...eating. (yuck!) It also had swings and a slide. Addison loved the swing and was mad whenever she slid off of it. It was a "big kid" swing with no back to it. I personally loved the hill they had for me to run down and then run back up. Jack couldn't figure out how to get down it on his own (lol, what a rookie) so mommy had to hold his hand going down each time.

Here we are eating lunch at their house. Addie said maybe next time they could let us sit at the table instead of treating us like the dog and making us eat on the floor. (lol) I loved it, we could throw our food and then pick it back up again. It was a fun game!

Here are a few other pictures from the day, Jack is going to also try to post today about our first day at the pool. That happened yesterday and there are a few pictures we'll show you, too. Enjoy!

Auntie B & Addie

All of us checking out the yard

Uncle James & Daddy took us on a walk

Don't tell Addison about this one...hehe


  1. I was sooo glad to see you were back. I really missed you guys. You were so lucky to have such a great yard to play in.
    Miss you all :) x0x0x0
    Memere & Pepere

  2. They are soo cute!!! Aren;t those boosters fabulous for this age!