Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Weekend of Fun!

This weekend we took Daddy to a food festival in town to celebrate Father's Day with him. Mommy organized it and g'ma Jean, Auntie B, and Uncle James all came with us. We had a great time riding around in our choo choo and sampling different foods from the area. Okay, mommy told me to say that really- we didn't like any of the food they tried to give us! Luckily, our diaper bag was prepped with sandwiches, cold sippies and some snacks. G'ma Jean even offered us a taste of the pie she got but none of us wanted it.
While we were there, we got to meet a big green dragon. I am not sure who he was or why he was there, but I smiled at him and so did Jack. We thought it was best to be polite in case he was a mean dragon. Addison, on the other hand looked at him and started crying. I told her afterwards, that'ss a good way to get our butts' kicked by a dragon.
Besides eating, they had a live band playing (nothing we knew, no Sesame Street or Veggie Tales tunes- bummer) and we got to get out and play on the lawn. I didn't want to play, I was much more interested in running on the sidewalk as far as I could. Notice mommy holding my hand in these pictures? I tried to get away but she insisted I walk with her. What's the fun in that?!

After the festival, we went back to our house to cool off in our pool. Again, I had no interest in getting wet so I went on the swing. Jack and Addison spent the rest of the afternoon splashing in the pool in the shade. Here's a few pictures, enjoy!

Addison finding weeds to touch and try to eat

Me just lounging...

Jack splashing in the pool

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  1. There you are Jack. Last time I looked you weren't there. SPLASH!!
    Addie yellow is your color.
    Jordan Memere will run with when you come to visit. I've been practicing.