Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rock Stars & Divas

I've always known that I was a "Diva" and I'm really glad my mom thinks so, too. She got us these shirts a few months ago and I've loved being able to wear mine. My brothers are "pretending" to be Rock Stars in their shirts. The first time they wore them, mommy put gel in their hair and made them look the part. Here's a few pictures of us in our shirts. Notice its hard to get Jordan to stay still long enough to get a shot of all three of us together.

This week was also the first time I finally could wear a pony tail! I was excited to try one out, until I realized it hurts to get it done. I decided no more pony tails or pig tails for me. All I do once mommy gets them in is pull them out and try to eat the elastics. Here's a few pictures of me while I kept it in though:

Today is Memere's birthday, so we are going to Skype her while she blows out her candles on her cake. We really wish we could be there to EAT the cake, too! Bummer. Also- Grandma Jean had surgery yesterday for her bladder, so this morning we got to go to the hospital to see her. Jordan thought we were going to the mall to play on the slide so he was thoroughly disappointed when we got out. I was a little nervous wondering why Grandma was at this place in her pjs. Jack, of course was good considering he was just there a few weeks ago in the ER.

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  1. Hello my little pumpkins. I was so happy we could skype and share my birthday with you. Jorday I bet that on the second pic down mommy was telling you to sit down. You are such a clown. Jack you are so intent on watching vegie tales, and Addison I love the pony tail. Your hair is so long and beautiful. Lots of love - Memere & Pepere