Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cold Winter Days...

Since its been so cold here in Wisconsin, mommy told us we should pretend its summer-like its nice and warm outside. We thought that was a great idea except we STILL couldn't go outside, so that made us pretty mad.

We just got a new blow up pool (to use as our ball pit) and we wanted to fill it with water and go swimming in the house. Mommy told us no. She said something about getting everything all wet?? So, instead we decided to pretend we were visiting Memere & Pepere in Massachusetts. We usually go there for two weeks in the summer, so we agreed that would be a good time. Mommy had us put on our Black Dog sweatshirts and told us to pretend we were on the Cape. See, most people in MA and on the Cape think of the Black Dog as being a Cape thing. So here we are sporting our sweatshirts and not saying our "R"s.

We also tried to put on our swim suits and pretend we were at the pool, until mommy realized we didn't fit into them anymore! Too bad because mommy said we could pretend to swim in the ball pit and splash the balls around. We still pretended, but we had to do it without our swim suits on.

On a side note- Jack has figured out how to open the wipes box now. Addison and I think its GREAT. Mommy & Daddy say, "Jack! No more wipes!" all the time now. We are excited because he told us he'd give us a lesson on how to open them next time mommy isn't looking.

If you haven't been there yet, go to Multiples and More today, too because we are their Shout Out Blog today!

Here's a few other pictures from this week. Enjoy!


  1. They are so cute! I love the shirt over the head pictures!

  2. Stopping in from Multiples...and More, congratulations on the shout out. Your blog is so cute!

  3. just precious!!! Beautiful family!!! Congrats. on your Shout Out!!! How exciting!!

  4. that shirt picture. Did he do that all by himself? Congrats on your shout out!

  5. Love the latest pictures. I also checked out the multiples board for your shout out...Very fun.