Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Perks of Being a Riplet

I have always found my sister and brother to be kind of annoying. I mean, they take my toys, take all my puffs, and take all of mommy & daddy's attention. This week though, I've figured out that they may actually have a purpose! I realized that I can train them to help me do things. Like this morning, mommy had been pushing me all over the house on my 4-wheeler and then she said she had to stop and that my turn was over. I was really mad because I wanted to someone to push me. Well, guess who came up behind me and gave me a push? Jack decided that he could push me and make it a fun game. Boy, did I like that idea. Infact- I think I'll convince him to always push me around. I'm trying to figure out what else he and Addie can help me do now. Here's a video of Jack pushing me around:

We also figured out that taking a bath together instead of each on our own is WAY more fun. We started splashing and splashing and SPLASHING each other until mommy & daddy were just as wet as we were. Here's a video of Jack finishing up in the tub while Addison and I were getting dried off. If you see Jack, I'd maybe not mention to him that I put this on our blog. He may get a little embarassed. Mommy made sure nothing is showing...but still.

Finally, Addison has started making a bunch of goofy faces this week. She likes to copy mommy a lot. She does "big eyes" when mommy does, makes a sick face, and says "yeah, yeah, yeah" on command. She thinks she's something...I guess she needed a new trick to do for attention, since I could tell she was pretty mad that I was walking all over the house without her.

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