Saturday, January 23, 2010


Can you believe how big we are getting? We are 15 months old today. Mommy tried to get our "official" picture (as usual) But- boy did we give her a run for her money! I mean, we remember how much work it is for us to have to get our picture taken for these "milestones". SOOOO...I had to stand up on the couch and I told Addison and Jack to move around the entire shoot, too. I wanted to see what mommy was made of. Here's a few outtakes:
First, mommy tried the usual couch shot:

Then she decided to have us sit with our chairs like last month:

Finally- she caught us all sitting together playing with our blocks:

We aren't sure which of these to use for our "official" 15 month picture. Please vote in our poll on the top right side of our blog.

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