Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look Who's Walking Too!

So its my turn to post and of course I have to announce that my sister is finally walking. I would love to be announcing it, but it only means that I'm the last kid standing (and not walking)! I am excited for her though. She has been taking steps for weeks, but she would always step so slowly that we'd forget she was walking. She has given me motivation now to try to get walking myself. Actually-I've been taking steps, too. I am up to 4 steps at once without falling. So, maybe in the next few weeks either Jordan or Addison will get to write this same post about me.

Here's a video of Addison walking today. She's really picked up speed. Hopefully she won't read this-but between you and me, Jordan told me that if she keeps walking as slow as she had been, that he wouldn't want to go places with her because he'd be in an out before she made it from the car.


  1. Yay for walking! Before you know it - those steps will be running speed! I read your posts even though I don't always get the chance to comment. I love seeing the kids development and I hope your winter is going well! Things have been super busy here so it's amazing to think that Jan. is half over already! HA! Take care!

  2. Good girl Addison. Memere and Pepere are so
    proud of you.
    Jack you are just saving your walking so you
    can make a grand entrance. Be patient it will come!!!
    Jordan now has someone to walk with. Show her the way big boy.