Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mommy's New Camera Lens

Mommy just got her new lens in the mail this weekend and its only caused us turmoil. All I want to do is touch it! It looks like it would be a lot of fun, so whenever mommy tries to take my picture, I make sure to get really close so I can touch the lens. Mommy says its getting harder and harder to get great pictures with us all grabbing at her. I have no idea why that would make it so hard?

Mommy got the Canon 50mm F1.8 so she could get some great indoor shots of us. She said it is hard to get all three of us in one shot though. She plans to use it more for shots of us individually and for shots of babies that don't move around yet! I did get to see pictures she took with it and I do love how it blurs out our backgrounds so nicely. I especially love these shots she got of me and Jordan in the ball pit. Look at how great the balls look in the background!

Also, mommy would like to get another lens sometime soon and she's been looking at the Tamron lenses. She is especially interested in the Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 and right now Amazon has a $60 rebate for them. So, if anyone else out there is thinking about investing in a new Tamron lens, check out all of the lenses they offer rebates on right now at Amazon.

Here are some other pictures mommy got of me and my brothers...enjoy!


  1. Jack - you look like you could stand in with my carolers. It's such a great pic.
    Yes I do love the way the balls look in the background, but I love your pictures better.

  2. discovered your blog today thought multiples& more...

    you have a beautiful family!!!! love love love their 14 mo pics

  3. visiting from M&M. adorable kiddos!

  4. came over from M & M. What precious kids you have! Loved reading about yall!

  5. Visiting by way of MnM!

    And oh my goodness...you three are adorable. I could hang out all day and read your stories, but I don't think my employer will care for that all too much.

    I will save you for later, after my little guys go to bed.

    Be good for your momma!

  6. I saw your blog though the Multiples and More blog list.
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