Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Family Pictures

This past weekend we had our family pictures and our 1 year old pictures taken by Rachel from Bisham Photography. Of course the day we took them it was really cold outside so we were kinda crabby. Ok, Jordan wasn't crabby, but boy were Addison and I. We just hated being outside in the cold especially when mommy didn't have mittens or jackets on us for the shoot! Daddy told mommy she needed to have them on, but mommy said that people wouldn't get to see our outfits then. Either way, Rachel did an AMAZING job considering we were crying for a lot of the shots. Check out a sneak peek of the pictures on her photography blog:

Bisham Photography


  1. super cute pictures! i love how they turned out! great job, rachel!

  2. Jamie! They look great! I know it must have been a bit stressful when all you wanted a nice photo, right? But those crying ones of Jack are just too darn cute! That up close nuk one cracked me up! Glad to see the hats DID actually work out for a few photos.

    The familiy photos are just great!