Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Teeth!

Today is mommy & daddy's 5 year anniversary. They told us that 5 years ago today they were in the Bahamas getting married. Yesterday was Auntie Dawn & Uncle Marks anniversary, too. Tomorrow is Halloween and we are so excited to dress up, but its also Auntie Brittany's birthday! I wonder if she's going to get a bunch of new toys and get to eat cake like we did?

This morning also marks a very special day for Jordan. He got his first tooth!!! Actually, he got 2 teeth at once. Both of his bottom teeth came in together. He told Jack and I that he decided why waste anymore time (Personally, I think he's just an over-achiever).

Here is our official 12 month picture. Mommy said we are getting harder and harder to get pictures of. I don't know what she means, we love helping mom take pictures. Especially if we get to touch the camera and fall off of the chair as she's taking them.


  1. happy anniversary to your mommy and daddy! it was so fun celebrating your birthday with you last weekend!

    oh, and congrats on the new teeth, jordan - they came just in time to eat all your halloween candy! (:

  2. Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday! Happy Teeth! Happy Halloween!

  3. Addison's hair is getting so long!

    Happy Anniversary!! How wonderful, 5 years! Hope you can take an evening to celebrate!