Monday, November 16, 2009

We're Famous!

We told everyone before about entering the Picture of the Week contest on A Few of My Favorite Things blog, right? Well, now we are on today's post and give-away featuring a great Etsy Shop called Peanut and Pumpkin . We already have a few items from this shop so they decided to use pictures of us in our "1" onesies and of Addison in her tutu from the shop!! Look at how cute we are and be sure to check out Peanut and Pumpkin on Etsy. Sara is the owner of the shop and does an AMAZING job hand-crafting all of her products. We actually just got some Holiday onesies in the mail today from her as well. We'll take a few pictures of us in those for another post and we asked mommy if we could wear them to see Santa, too!
Here's the link to A Few of My Favorite Things and to Peanut and Pumkin's Shop. Don't forget to enter the give-away too!
Finally, here are a few more pictures from our family photo shoot that Rachel did for us. Check out more of her work at Brisham Photography. Jack would like me to point out that he seems pretty happy in these shots so he'd like us to "take back" what we said in an earlier post about him being so mad during the shoot.

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  1. I love your new header picture. I see your triplets are also sporting some of April's lovely hats. So cute!!!