Thursday, November 19, 2009

Countdown to the Holidays!

We are so excited because mommy just told us that a week from today is Thanksgiving! We have some pretty BIG plans for that day. We are going to Auntie Dawn & Uncle Mark's house to eat. That is what everyone keeps telling us. We do LOVE to eat so we are excited, but we aren't sure how or why this "Thanksgiving" day is any different then us eating any day of the week? We usually get turkey for lunch anyways and we eat veggies with every meal, too. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what all the hype is about.
Speaking of food though, we have to tell you that I FINALLY got to eat a cheeseburger! Mommy & Daddy took us to this place called McDonalds and boy was it a good time. We got to eat chicken nuggets, french fries and we tried daddy's cheeseburger. We all decided we really love cheeseburgers, too. Even Jordan, who everyone already knows doesn't like food that much. He still would prefer mommy or daddy just feeds him jarred food. He loved all of the food at McDonalds and he really loved all of the very big toys they had there.

Mommy has been getting us out of the house everyday now so that we don't get bored or "whiny" (that's the word she used but we never whine so I don't know why she'd say that). So far we've gone to a few parks, to Starbucks drive thru (for mommy), Walgreens, and to the Mall to their play area. Walgreens was kind of fun, mommy took us there by herself and we rode around in our choo choo wagon. The manager had to help mommy get her stuff to the car though, because we kept throwing the stuff out of our wagon as she put it in. (hehehe) The play area at the mall was fun, too. I crawled through tunnels with Addison while Jordan followed around all of the "big" kids and tried to play with them. None of them wanted to play with him though because he can't walk. Addison and I didn't understand why he didn't want to play with us, we don't care that he doesn't walk because we can't walk yet either!

Also this week we've all been doing some new things. Jordan has decided to help mommy sweep and vacuum now. He chases mommy and the machine around as she's cleaning. I am scared to death of the vacuum so I stay in the playroom while mommy uses it. Jordan also has made up a fake laugh. He only uses it while he watches Veggie Tales though (which really annoys me because I'm trying to watch the show and he's next to me laughing and laughing and laughing). His laugh is like an old man's laugh, too and he makes a pretty goofy face as he does it. Mommy took a video of it so hopefully we can show you it soon.

Addison has been practicing her dance moves and is always dancing (aka: shaking her hips) while she watches Veggie Tales. She definitely is dancing because she only does it when music or songs are on. She also figured out how to lounge in our choo choo wagon. I have been trying to lay back in my seat since we got it and Addison figured it out for me now! She's also in trouble with mommy because she's been chewing on her crib and mommy just found bite marks and some of the paint missing. Addison has also learned how to climb from chair to chair (the one's Auntie B & Uncle James got us) and stand on them and try to rock.

I've been busy standing without hanging on to anything and I am walking around furniture and copying what my siblings do a lot. I've also been fixing up my house that Memere and Pepere got me for my birthday (the other two think its theirs but I know its mine and I just tell them they can come visit me). I have learned how to turn the light "on" and "off" and ring the doorbell (although I really wish Addison would learn to ring it and not just barge in on me) and open and close my mail box. I even give my mail to Isaiah when he comes over. I also just figured out how much fun a suit case can be! I asked mommy if maybe she could pack me up and send me to Memere's house to visit now that I know I fit in it.


  1. thanks for the update, jack! i always love hearing about all the fun new stuff you, addie, and jordan are up to!

    love you guys!
    auntie b and uncle james

  2. ps - can we hire jordan to come over and clean our house?? :)

  3. You kids are soooooooo sweet. Jack you are such a good story teller. You can all hop into a large suite case and suprise Memere & Pepere.
    Love you sooooooooo much :) xoxoxo