Thursday, November 12, 2009

You CAN teach us new things!

Since our first birthday we've been changing so much and learning a lot of new things. First of all, let me tell you what I have learned to do. I know enough to put my arms up in the air when someone asks "Addison, how big are you?" I know that I am "SOOO BIG!" but I choose to just show them how big instead of saying it. Once daddy saw that I can do that with my arms he decided to teach (really confuse) me how to do "TOUCH DOWN!" when we're watching football. I am also growing my hair out really long. I decided I want to get rid of that "baby" look and go for the longer, more stylish hairdo. Here are a few pictures of me from this week. What do you think? Notice the layers in back and the side swept bangs?

Jack has also been learning how to do "so big!", too. He just finally figured it out yesterday afternoon. He's ok at it, but nothing like my way. I like to bring my arms up like I'm dancing. He just goes straight up. I guess he's just not as coordinated as I am. I am planning to start dance classes with Auntie Dawn soon so I need to show off my moves and much as I can. Jack has also learned how to walk with our push toy. He pushes it all over the living room. He surprised mommy and I last week with his walking. We were emailing on the computer and we saw him walking by with the push toy!!

Jordan is also learning to do A LOT of new things. He is really working on his walking skills. On Monday, mommy saw him taking a step from the push toy to his chair but Jordan told me she scared him by screaming "GOOD JOB JORDAN!" and that's when he fell on his cheek up against the chair. Mommy seems to think Jordan secretly walks when no one is looking because she's been catching him standing in places he couldn't have gotten to on his own. We know the truth, but we are the Riplets and what happens between us STAYS between us. Sorry Mommy!

We also entered a Fall Favorites Picture of the Week contest on a great blog called A Few of My Favorite Things. Its a blog put together by a friend, Danielle who has twin girls. I love this blog because she's always giving-away great things and always giving me new ideas for the kids. She knows so much about all of the latest toys, clothes, and accessories. Anyways- please vote for us! I'm sure we'll be adding our pictures to this Picture of the Week contest a lot but this is our first time, so please check it out!

Finally- here are a few pictures from this week. Mommy & Daddy got a kick out of dressing us in these Adidas outfits. We thought they were nice, but mommy & daddy laughed at us saying we looked like Run DMC. We weren't sure if that was a compliment or not?!

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  1. Addison I wish I had hair as beautiful as yours. Jack look at you standing all by yourself. Jordan that face makes me laugh.
    Run DMC!!!