Monday, November 23, 2009


We are 13 months old today! Daddy said he's sad because he liked being able to say we were "1" year old and now we have to go back to saying it in months.

Here's what we can do now:
Stand by ourselves
Cruise along all furniture, kitchen cabinets, and walls
We all can say: "dada", "mama", "baba", "all done"
We can walk forward hanging on to someone's hands
We all weigh 20lbs or larger (Addison is closer to 22 lbs)
Can pull to standing with their push toy and push it around the room
Can climb over anything in their way including other bodies on the floor (adults and siblings)
Can climb the stairs alone
Open and close the cabinet drawers that have safety locks on them (how you ask?!)

Can say "ball", "bye bye", "bob", "mom"
Has the fastest growing har and gets it trimmed regularly
Has 4 teeth (2 top & 2 bottom)
Takes steps (4-5) towards toys or people
Can pick his nose with both fingers at once (one up each nostril)
Has 2 teeth (bottom)
Can get to standing on her own (in the middle of the floor)
Shows us "so big" with her arms
Can wear pig tails
Has 4 teeth (2 top & 2 bottom)

None of us can clap or wave "bye bye" yet. Although Jack is close to waving. We all failed our 12 month check up because we couldn't do either of these tasks. We've decided we will NEVER learn how to do them now in protest.

Here's a few pictures of us from this week and the first picture is our "official" 13 month photo.

Jordan and his fake laugh...

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  1. Jack, Jordan & Addison...
    You are all so smart. You have come such a long way in just a short year.
    Jordan we can't wait to hear you laugh in real life. Addison those are the most beautiful pig tails I ever did see. Jack you keep trying to figure out a way to find your way to Memere & Pepere's house. xoxoxo