Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa is Here!

Mommy told me on our way to see Santa that "he knows if you've been bad or good" and that I better make sure I'm nice to him (and don't cry) and nice to mommy,daddy and my brothers. Ok, here's the thing...HOW does he know? When we went to see Santa yesterday I checked the big guy out. He didn't have any cameras that I could see and I definitely know he hasn't been hanging out at my house. I mean, he's a big guy I'd notice him. I am really not sure how he knows what I am doing. Anyways- as I figure him out, I wanted to tell you about our visit.

We took our choo choo wagon to the mall and we wore our new Christmas shirts that mommy's friend, Sara made us. When we got to Santa he recognized us (mommy says because he knows us already, but I know he just remembers seeing our crazy choo choo wagon come to the play area all the time) and was excited to see we were coming for a visit and pictures. We met our cousins there, too. It was nice to have them around since they've met Santa before and they didn't seem nervous. During pictures mommy told the elves that "Addison has stranger anxiety and will probably cry at Santa". Well, that just made me mad! So of course I didn't cry, instead I made sure Jack cried in my place. Just to make mommy look silly. Jordan LOVED Santa and sat on his lap. Infact- he didn't even want to turn and look for a picture he was so interested in Santa and his beard. (Jordan just wanted to show off)

Here's some pictures from the afternoon. Enjoy!


  1. The last photo is precious!!! Love the looks they are giving Santa!

  2. Addison
    Memere wrote to Santa Clause and told him all about You and your brothers. I told him you have all been very good all year. Keep it up there's only 22 days left! x0x0x0