Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Birthday Party!

We had such a good time on Saturday at our birthday party. Mommy had Auntie Dawn's house decorated with rubber duckies and we got to eat CAKE! Except it gave us a belly ache and we were up all night crying that night. We also got to try pizza for the very first time. Guess what? Jordan LOVES pizza! Its the first time he actually ate all of his finger foods off of his tray and asked for more.

We got a lot of fun presents from our friends and family. At first, we didn't really care about opening the gifts but once we saw all of the fun things we were getting we started helping daddy open them. Thank you everyone for all of your fun and generous gifts! Here are a lot of pictures from our big day. Enjoy!


  1. Love the rubber ducky theme! That cake is so creative and perfect! I love the party hats you made for the kids! The chairs are adorable! We also bought jax a chair for his birthday - a wooden rocker :)

    Looks like everything came together smashingly! Quite a day to remember huh?? can't believe our children are 1 year old already!! AH!

  2. Great job as usual Jamie, Thanks for sharing :) they are getting sooooo big .