Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Binky Stealer

Did you know that Jordan never needs a binky? He's never wanted one. Well, not since he was just a few weeks old and used to make G'ma Jean hold her finger in his binky at night so it wouldn't fall out. He used to cry every time it popped out of his mouth...and it used to fall out about every 10 minutes! Good thing G'ma Jean was staying with us those first few months. I'm pretty sure mommy & daddy wouldn't have been able to keep his binky in and take care of us all each night otherwise.

Well, now Jordan never wants a binky...unless of course he sees Jack is sucking on his. I'm pretty sure that Jordan just likes to watch Jack get all upset when he takes it out of his mouth. Jordan usually doesn't even put the binky in the right direction! Here's a few pictures of us outside the other day sitting by our pumpkins we picked out. Notice that Jordan got "caught in the act" of stealing Jacks binky. May attention to me, too. I am trying to tell Jordan to give it back to Jack but he didn't listen. We're pretty sure Jordan is going to be the trouble-maker in the group. Of course I am going to be the angelic peace-maker. That leaves Jack as being the smart one. Which only makes sense since he LOVES to read books.


  1. These are the MOST ADORABLE Binky Triplet pictures I have ever seen! You have been so blessed!