Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Countdown to One!

We've been pretty busy being "baby-like" and immature this past week, after mommy told us that we're going to be 1 year old on Friday! Its fun pretending we're little you know. We've been wanting mommy & daddy to hold our bottles for us and asking to be burped. (ok, so maybe no one has requested to be burped but we couldn't think of what else we should do before we turn into toddlers) Addison has also been sick this weekend with a fever and a runny nose. She told Jack and I not to worry that she'd make sure to wake up A LOT in the night. You know, so that someone wasn't sleeping through the night- JUST for old times sake. Addison even got daddy to pull out her old bouncy chair that was used many, many evenings (when we were just babies) to lull us to sleep. Meanwhile, I've decided I don't like eating "big kid" food and I want to only be fed jarred baby food like when I was younger. Mommy tells me I need to try to eat "big kid" food but I don't like the textures and really don't want to have to feed myself. I mean come on, mommy can't FORCE me to grow up, can she?!

Today, mommy & daddy took us to G'ma Jean's house to visit and to take some pictures of us in our "1" onesies. We had only been to G'mas house one other time EVER and she wasn't even home that day (only G'pa Dave was). So, we had fun seeing her house again and playing outside in the leaves. Here are a few pictures from the day. We also snuck in a picture of our BEST friend Vicki. She came to visit us this week and play.

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