Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Vacation Photos...

We got back from vacation on Saturday night, but mommy told me we have so many more photos to share with everyone so I told her I'd give you the run down of the rest of our trip.

We have a fun time at memere & pepere's house the second week we were there, despite all of the rain we had to deal with. We went to an indoor water park one of the days and then to a really fun outdoor park to play on our final day there. We also got to celebrate everyone's birthdays with cake and ice cream.

Finally, on our trip home we got a flat tire and had to sit in our car seats on the side of the road! It was kinda fun watching the big trucks and cars zip by us. Mommy said it was really scary, but I think she was just being dramatic. Jordan and I just sat playing with our toys while Addison and mommy had a few snacks. Daddy had to change the tire all by himself but he was really fast!

On the side of I-90 fixing our flat tire

Great Grammy and Grandpa George!

Us with Melissa and her twin boys Nate & Joey!


  1. In spite of flat tires, I'm so glad you were able to have a great time!

  2. Looks like so much fun - except for the flat tire! That picture of them in their carseats by the side of the road is hilarious....although I can only imagine how NOT FUNNY it was at the time! Definitely can do something for Addison! Will e-mail you back tomorrow!

  3. Boo to flat tires! Yay to vaycay fun!