Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its Time for Fall!

I can't believe its Fall already! I love this time of year for a couple reasons. First of all, it means its going to cool off a little so we can play outside all. day. long if we want to and not be all hot and sweaty. Secondly-- I really get excited because I know Fall means its almost time for my birthday! Okay, okay Jack and Addison said I need to say "our" birthday...but come on, can't I get one day just for ME?! (that is for another post I think).

The final reason I love the Fall is because we get to go visit apple orchards and you all know what that means, right? I get to eat A LOT of apple sauce. I have to admit though, I have no idea where the apple sauce comes from-- I saw a lot of trees today and none of them had a spout?

Anyways- I had a pretty good time at the orchard today picking apples with Daddy, but I was really annoyed at the tall grass and didn't want to have to walk through it. Lucky for me, daddy remembered our choo choo wagon and G'ma Jean pulled me around in it while my brother and sister picked the apples.

Addison REALLY liked picking this year. She wanted to collect all of the apples in her arms (she refused daddy's basket) and had to lick and taste each apple she picked up. Jack liked to taste them, too but he kept choosing the icky looking ones and mommy had to take them away a lot. That didn't make Jack happy but I'm pretty sure it was for his own good.

Here's a few photos mommy captured of us today. Enjoy!


  1. looks like they had fun! i'd love to find an orchard here & take pics of my son!

  2. Looks like they had a blast and they look so adorable in their fall outfits!

  3. what a great day- you got such good photos!

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  4. You all need to eat the apples.
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  5. And that is why I wish I lived up north!