Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apples & Corn Mazes

Well, its that time of year again when mommy and daddy take us on new adventures on the weekends. On Sunday afternoon, we got to go to a winery and corn maze along with some more apple picking.
The corn maze at first wasn't very much fun...until we found out there was mud to play in along the path. Jordan and I decided we loved running in it and running through the maze with Daddy, Ba, and Uncle James. Addison, Auntie B, G'ma, and mommy were party poopers and only made it down one path on the maze and then turned around. I'm pretty sure it was because we were already way ahead of them, winning the race.

At the apple orchard, mommy and daddy took us down to the trees to pick some apples again. Unfortunately, they didn't know that people aren't allowed to pick their own apples at this one, so we got scolded and sent away. We all decided we'll never go back to that place again, how rude! Here's a few pictures mommy got of all of us before we were "escorted" off of the premises (not really, but that sounds really dramatic, don't you think?!).
Here I am telling Uncle James & Auntie B that we need to leave because we aren't supposed to be there.
Ba and Jordan picking an apple. Although, Jordan actually decided that anytime any of us picked an apple that he needed to put it back on the tree for us. He actually tried to set each apple that was on the ground back up on top of other apples. Some he even got to balance and stay!

Auntie B is 38 weeks pregnant here...only 2 more weeks to go until we get to meet Corndog (I know, what an odd name for their new baby- so glad they didn't name me!).

and finally...ME hanging out in one of the apple trees.

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