Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Like Mommy

First though...
I really love my mommy and I really do not like sharing her with my brothers. They just don't get it. I am a girl, so mommy loves me more. I hope they catch on soon because its getting really old when they try to sit on her lap and get hugs from her, too.

I've started to try to copy what mommy does now, just so she sees that we are a lot alike and that we're BFFs. I really like to sit on the couch or chair just like she does or read books or her magazines with her.

My other favorite thing to do is to play in her room. I will go in and dig through all of her shoes and clothes in her closet and pick out a pair of her shoes to wear (that really makes me look just like her, don't you think?). Then demand that she helps me put them on. This morning I was really annoyed and upset because we usually play in her room (my brothers, too ugh) and then I stay in there and lounge on her bed and pretend to be her. Well, Jack and Jordan wouldn't leave and all they wanted to do today was bounce on the bed and bother me. I was also already mad because when I tried to climb up to the bed, mommy's shoes kept falling off. Its hard being a fashionista (*sigh*).


  1. Hi Addie, this is your big cousin Kylie. Take it from some one who "knows" (having 3 brothers myself) the boys NEVER get it. They think "Well, I am Mommy's little man, so I SHOULD get her attention too" I feel your pain girl! Hope your brothers catch on better than mine do. BTW, LOVE your shoes. Your a fashion Diva!

  2. What part of fashion don't the boys get?

  3. Thanks for stopping by from New Friend Friday!

    I LOVE your blog. Makes my 1 daughter seem easy next to triplets! They are adorable. I love all the pictures.

    Have a great weekend!