Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More From Our Vacation

We are still really busy on our vacation. I thought I better take a break to check my emails and update you guys on what we are doing. We are back at Memere & Pepere's house, just relaxing and visiting family and friends. We've had rain for the past few days though, so I am going stir-crazy in the house. Luckily, daddy let me run wild outside this morning while Addie and Jack threw rocks into the storm drain. We also went to NH to Fun World yesterday to play. I loved that I could run around and play with all of the big kids there. Jack told me they weren't playing with me, but I think he just didn't see them. He said they were running "by" me, not with me.

Anyways- since its raining out, we don't have a lot of photos to show you. Instead, we have so many from the Cape we haven't shared yet, so here they are!

Happy 22 Months Old!


  1. Beautiful pictures!

  2. That pic of the three of them looking at the water is so priceless!

  3. We had such fun. The pictures tell the story!