Tuesday, August 10, 2010

G'ma Jean's Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated G'ma Jean's 60th birthday. I was excited, because I heard that we'd get to eat cake and I love to each anything that sounds like its bad for you. We started the birthday festivities by heading to my cousin, Eli's baseball tournament. Here, I sat with G'pa Dave and enjoyed the game...of course while downing a few drinks. (it was hot out, I needed more then one!)

Jack sat watching the game in one of the big people chairs. He really loves anything with a ball and especially when they swing the bats to hit the ball! He's always using other toys, his blanket and his hand to hit balls all over the place.

Addison had no interested watching the game, instead she walked around and explored the area. She was really excited because Chris was there to follow her like her personal assistant. She'd purposely drop her sippy cup and then look over her shoulder to make sure he was picking it up for her. She's a diva already, I am not looking forward to our teenage years.
We also went to the farmer's market and got some fresh veggies. I have to say, they looked great at the market but I didn't like them when mommy tried to make me eat them later.
Here are a few wild flowers mommy took pictures of while we were at the farmer's market.

After the baseball game, we took G'ma Jean to Pizza Hut to celebrate. I was really excited, because Pizza is my absolute favorite food to eat! I sat by daddy and mommy and Jack got to sick next to the birthday girl.
After dinner, we got to sing to G'ma and then eat CAKE! I can't wait until our birthday, I think I'll get my very own cake then, right? If not, I think I better start persuading mommy and daddy to make it that way.


  1. The dude digs all things ball related too!

  2. You all look like you're related too!

  3. Haha - love what you wrote about Addison dropping the sippy cup!