Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lazy Summer Days...

Since its August, we've been lazy just enjoying the weather and hanging out with mommy and family. We got to go play at a park again, today but this time mommy's Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann came with us. They are visiting from DC and they wanted to see where we played. We went to one of our favorite parks along the river. Its my favorite because it has the BEST sticks around. I can find funny fat ones and skinny long ones to carry around and stick into ant hills along the way.

Jordan loves this park, too. He loves to run away from mommy and onto the paved path to the river. Luckily, mommy keeps a good eye on him and can run fast when she has to! (remember how naughty he is mommy next time you are scolding me please).

Jack also loves this park because he gets to swing and play on the climber. He really loves to climb up and pretend he's driving us with the steering wheel. He also loves wearing his sunglasses that mommy bought him a few weeks ago. I'm annoyed when he wears them and I usually try to take them off and break them when I can. I just don't get why he got a pair of sunglasses, I am obviously the fashionista of this trio, right?

At the end of playtime at the park, mommy asked us to get a picture with g'pa Dave and Great Uncle Mike and Ann. I, of course was not happy having my photo taken. I have to deal with mommy always sneaking photos (she's worse the paparazzi) so this was not my idea of a good time. Here's a few photos from this afternoon, too. We're just hanging out being lazy in our new chairs that Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann brought us and a few others from today. Enjoy!


  1. Lookin' awfully cool in those shades!

  2. Having a fun day at the park. Looks like you all had a great day.