Monday, July 26, 2010

We are Big Kids now!

Over the weekend, mommy & daddy decided to have us try out our booster seats instead of our high chairs when we eat. They said we need to be able to eat at the table with them since we'll be heading to Massachusetts soon for vacation (yay! Memere & Pepere here we come) and this is our only choice.

I, of course had no issues eating at the table. I love to eat and I am usually not too messy about it. Addison on the other hand, is always messy. She can crumble (yes, I said crumble!) a cheeseburger into a million little pieces. She smashes her banana in her hair (I think she's mistaking it for gel) and usually makes a mess of anything she gets her hands on. This was no exception. About 30 seconds after mommy took this photo, Addison had picked up the suctioned bowl and dumped it all over the place.

Jordan was pretty good about it. He hates being messy anyways, so he does his best to keep his place clean. He will even toss all of his food off of his place mat just to keep it from messing him up. Here he's using his spoon...umm sort of.
Our favorite part about eating at the table was being able to use our new place mats from Susan! They each have our names on them, which is so much fun! Mommy had to tape them to the table, since I really wanted to see if I could pull the place mat off without moving my plate. Just an FYI, that doesn't work.


  1. I love it. We are in the process of moving from highchairs to boosters too. (I held out until the twins turned 2.) So far - it's great - a yogurt facial, food all over the floor, and one now tries to eat with his feet resting on the table top. ;)

  2. Oh, man, meal time at your house must be...interesting! :)

  3. How cute!! We also have a booster at the table, but I am afraid that our chairs sit lower than normal, so Jax doesn't fit up to the table comfortably. I guess he'll be in a high chair for longer. BUt I love that your kids are doing it!!

  4. Oh look how big you look at the table.
    Memere & Pepere can't even wait to smother you all with big hugs and kisses.
    That goes for Mommy & Daddy too.

  5. I can't believe I haven't gotten one for the dude yet!