Monday, July 5, 2010

Cupcakes & Popsicles!

Our holiday weekend was so much fun, even if it did rain on us all day yesterday! We got to go outside in the rain and play on our deck after all morning waiting for it to clear up. Mommy had decided to let us try popsicles for the very first time, but she was thinking it was going to be hot and sunny so we'd be outside eating them. Instead, she gave me mine in my swimsuit on the deck. I was excited and thrilled to splash in the puddles while licking this amazing treat. My siblings had no interest AT.ALL. in either activity. Addison and Jordan did come out on the deck with me for about 2 minutes, but quickly decided it was to wet for their liking ( can anything be "too wet?!").

I was kinda glad they didn't want to be outside, because daddy had their popsicles out there with us and actually gave me an extra one because it was melting!

We also got to have homemade cupcakes! That was a first for us...well at least the first time mommy actually "baked" us anything. That's right, she doesn't bake, she "buys" is what she tells us about sweets. I have to say I was happy she decided to at least try to bake us these cupcakes because they turned out fabulous! I ate mine right up and looked like Santa when I was done. I had a frosting beard that dripped down off of my chin even. Too bad mommy didn't get a picture of that for you, too. Addison enjoyed her cupcake, too...she enjoyed smooshing it all over everything in site. It was actually pretty disgusting to see. I mean, I would've ate that cupcake if I would've known that's what she was going to do with it! Jordan on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it. How can he not like cupcakes and popsicles?!

On a final note, we had our first knee scrape of the Riplets EVER. I know, hard to believe we've made it 20+months and never scraped our knee. Jordan fell this morning and mommy just had to get a picture for the blog she told us.

I gotta say, it doesn't look that bad. Is it even a scrape?!

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  1. Better break out the Cars band-aids! That's what my son loves, now that he has experience with skinned knees!

  2. Those cup cakes look scrumptious, also very festive. Jordan I hope mommy kissed that boo boo knee and made it all better. Jack it looks like your going to be the junk food junkie.

  3. Mama knows what the GOOD stuff is!