Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes, you aren't seeing things that is me, Jordan in the water at the pool today. I know I am usually running back and forth on the pavement next to the pool but today g'pa Dave came to the pool and since he got in the water, I had to get in too! Those are g'pa's legs next to me. I was a little embarrassed for him, since he wasn't even in a swimsuit or swim diaper (I was NOT going to take responsibility if he pee'd in the pool!).

Meanwhile, Addison and Jack had a blast in their life jackets (suckers! I was three adults and they only had one watching each of them, so they had to wear them. hehe) playing near the water mushroom and get this- going down the huge water slide!

They actually went under the mushroom and had fun splashing in it. I hate getting that wet, its bad enough at bath time having to have water poured over my head. Why would you purposely do this to yourself??
As we were leaving, Addison fell down (running away from g'ma because she didn't want to leave) and scraped her knee. I hate that I'm the one to have to post this, considering my scrape looks pretty pathetic now in comparison.

Addison asked that I make you all think that she fell down while at the pool when she slipped on some rice. I told her no one would believe that story, since the rice was clearly on our deck in back. She said she didn't want her readers to think she was naughty running away. SO...if she asks, yes I told you she slipped on the rice leaving the pool. Hence the post title (pool + rice = boo boo)

Anyways- After the pool today we came home and played with our new tub of rice and toys that daddy made us. I have to say, I found it pretty dull once I found the measuring cups mommy hid right near the surface. Jack on the other hand thought it was a blast. Here's a few pictures...also- we told daddy that all of the rice just fell out while we were playing NOT that we purposely dumped scoop after scoop over our heads. SO...if you see him...well you know the routine. We aren't lying, just trying to remain "angelic" and not classified as being in the terrible two's yet.


  1. You are all so brave that you're all going in the water, and that big mushroom.
    Addison kiss kiss on your boo boo. Hope it feels better.
    Rice instead of sand! Who thought of that?
    Great idea...............

  2. You have an adorable blog. Found you through Rosebud. Gave me my daily dose of cuteness. Thanks a million.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl