Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a Day!

Our day started off with a bang. Literally. I fell down the stairs on my way up with mommy and my siblings. Mommy tells me she heard the bang and looked back and I was face down on the floor. I was smart enough to hang on to my blankie for dear life. You may be able to see the bruising and of course the scrapes to the bridge of my nose. No worries though, we don't think its broken. I just look like a scrapper now. Seeing me type it out so proper looks silly. I say it with my ol' boston accent so its "scrappa".

After breakfast, daddy told us he had a fun surprise for us and took us (w/mommy of course!) to the state fair. We were really excited and even got to use our Inglesina triple stroller for the event. Good thing, too. The minute we got in the gates in began to rain on us, so we were really happy to have such big canopies over us. At the fair, we tried a bunch of fun foods including New Zealand pie, deep fried cheese curds and cream puffs. This is Addison eating a cheeseburger from the 4-H stand. (I bet you guessed it, she didn't like any of the other food we were eating).

Here we are waiting for our fresh, hot cheese curds to be made. I thought they were okay, Jordan refused to eat them and Addison loved them. Yep, you read that right LOVED them. Yet she still got mommy & daddy to buy her a cheeseburger afterwards.

Can you tell what I just finished eating here? I've got some of the cream I didn't lick off my lips yet from the cream puff! It wasn't all eating though. They had rides and animals to see, too. Daddy took us each one by one into the horse barn to look at all of the horses there for show today. Jordan was the most interested, while Addison had no interest at all. Infact- she seemed pretty annoyed that daddy took her away from her cheeseburger. She even grabbed a piece to eat as they looked at the horses.

Here we are on the car ride. We are all starting to get the hang of rides and we love them! Even Addison cracked a smile this time. Afterwards, well...we were all screaming because we didn't want to be done. Jordan really loved it. He smiled from ear to ear the entire time and even pushed the buttons to make the lights go on and blink at us.
That wasn't the end of the day though. After naps, we went to mommy's friend Phil's house for a visit. It wasn't actually his house since he lives far away, but we went to his mommy and daddy's to see him and his new babies. You read that right PLURAL! We had to go see the twin boys he had. Here's a picture of us all at the house. Notice I am too busy to even look at the camera for this shot? I really had to check out their new toy they got.Whew. It was a long day, because we ended it at Auntie Dawn and Uncle Mark's house for dinner. I am so exhausted, I better get to bed myself. If mommy sees me with her laptop in my crib I am BUSTED.


  1. Awwwwwww, look at that face. Sweets coma. Ah ha ha!

  2. Aren't mommies great?! They save you from horrible things like stairs. Darn stairs. Better get some rest, you! :)