Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is mommy's birthday. We really wanted to do something special for her, but since we don't get an allowance and we can't get to our piggy bank to take out our money, we decided to sleep in until 6AM for her. We were excited for her birthday, because we really wanted to help her open her presents.

For lunch, we took her to El Patio and ate guacamole, salsa and crackers. Well, mommy and the other adults all had chips, but we usually have crackers with ours so we brought our own bag along with us.

After lunch, we got to go to the park to swing and play in the sand. It was a fun time, especially when we got all over us, even in our ears! One of our biggest complaints about the parks all over town is that none of them have 3 toddler swings! They all have only two. Has anyone had to wait for a swing while their siblings get to go first? If not- let me just tell you its miserable! Luckily, Auntie Dawn came up with a way to get us all swinging at once.
Check this out:Here are a few other pictures of us at the park. Addison loved playing with G'ma Dave in the sand and Jordan hits high fives with G'ma Jean.
We also had one more special gift for mommy, we agreed to all stand together and still for a picture. We figured it was the least we could do for her since it was her birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Jamie!
    Your such good kids to be still for Mommy.
    Happy swinging!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jamie!! Your killin' me with the swings. I will send you a pic of our 3 way swings soon :)
    ps The ride at Indiana Beach was awful. It was bumpy and when I got off my husband said "it sucked didn't it?" he rode on it earlier with her. lol