Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is daddy's birthday! Funny, because I thought mommy's was just last week? I guess mommies & daddies have birthdays together. Kinda like us three having a birthday at the same time.

For daddy's birthday, we decided to treat him right, so we slept in until 6:50am. Mommy said she was a little jealous since for her birthday we didn't sleep in quite that long. (oops!) We gave daddy his gifts this morning but we didn't get to celebrate with cake. I guess it was "too early" or something to eat cake? I find that hard to believe, I mean I think you can eat cake anytime of day (or Dilly Bars, yum!).

After lunch, mommy took Addison, Jordan and I to see daddy at his work. We dressed up in his favorite Red Sox shirts and Addison did her hair the way daddy loves it (I guess its all twisty or something?? it looks like it always does to me.). We brought daddy a balloon and some cupcakes (finally- cake!) and then we got to run around the bank! Jordan was literally "running" all over the place, while Addison and I took our time exploring the windows and going behind the counter where the tellers are. Jordan finally stopped long enough to check his emails and his stocks, but then he was right back to running around. At the very end of the our visit, mommy let us try suckers. Have you ever had a sucker?! I guess some people call them lollipops...either way they are AMAZING! Here's a few pictures of us eating our lolli-suckers (hehe) and taking over the bank. Enjoy!


  1. Happy Birthday daddy!
    What a fun day.
    Jordan daddy must be worried about his job.
    You look like a natural.

  2. too cute! I'm sure they had fun in the office :) Did you walk there or was this train in office?