Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ahhh...The First Day of Summer!

What? You don't think its the first day, either? Mommy told me it wasn't, but I figured it must be because she finally let us wear shorts! I mean, would she really let us wear them if it wasn't Summer already? Its been really warm this week, which is so nice compared to the rain we had for the previous few weeks. We've been able to get right back into our routine of playing outside on our deck and going to different parks each day.

Jordan is especially enjoying the nice weather again, since he can get back to his morning yoga sessions.
I, on the other hand, like being outside but- I get so hot and I always feel miserable if I play too hard. I think I need to get a personal fan to carry with me. Here are a few pictures of us from this week. Addison has spent it searching for more sticks and picking flowers (aka: dandy lions).


  1. Jamie, These pictures are awesome. I LOVE every single one, but the one of Jordan doing yoga is hilarious. Thanks for brightening up my night.

  2. The yoga pic is awesome and that middle pic of Addison rubbing her nose is PRECIOUS. wow!! good job!!

  3. Everyone looks so much happier in the sun.
    I hope the nice weather is there to stay.
    Happy playing!!!! Big HUGS & KISSES TO YOU.

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