Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gone are the Days of Sunshine

We were spoiled these past few weeks, heck maybe even months?! We had such nice weather, mommy took us to the park and outside to play each and everyday. We got so used to getting outside that Addison started to ask if she could go "side?!". Sometimes she'd actually say "ow-side?". Well, for the past week things got wet. Mommy says its called "raining" I just think its like going to the pool. I get so mad when mommy tells us we can't go out on the deck to play when its raining. I figure why can't we get wet? We do for bath time? I know we can dry off afterwards, right? Instead, I stand with Jack & Addison by the slider door and lick the glass and whine. Sometimes all three of us pound on the slider hoping that mommy will just give in and let us out.

Here are a few pictures of us when there was sun. I hope it comes back soon because we are ready to get out and play!

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  1. Memere will pray to the sun god to shine on you soon.