Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Shoes & Dilly Bars

So mommy has been talking to me about the finer things in life, shoes. She loves shoes and tells me that someday I can have any of her designer shoes if we end up with the same size feet. That is exciting, since I'd love to have her Stuart Weitzman heels! But- since I already have some pretty tiny feet, I'm sure they won't fit me anyways. I will however be inheriting her collection of designer hand bags. I cannot wait to fill my closet with her Coach, Kate Spade and Cole Haan bags. When I get a little taller (and figure out how to climb shelves) I'm planning on getting into her closet and playing with all of her shoes and bags!

Anyways- this week, I got my first pair of vintage shoes. Yep, all you 18 month olds out there reading this, I already have a pair of vintage jelly shoes (Circa 1984). G'ma Jean brought them over to my house this past weekend and I was so happy to see them. She first told me they were my moms and I couldn't believe it. They figured out that these shoes must be over 30 years old! That got me thinking though, I have done my fair share of research on the fashion industry and 33 years ago would've been the 70's not the 80's, when jellys were popular. Sure enough, mommy figured out that these were not her shoes, but Auntie Brittany's! The only problem now is, I hope Auntie B doesn't want them back when she has her baby, because I wear them all over the house and LOVE them! Hopefully she has a little boy anyways. (hehe)

Here are a few pictures of me wearing my shoes. Notice the heel on them?! I am already getting down my walk with heels. At first it was so tricky, but now I feel like a natural.

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Also this week, g'ma brought us some Dilly Bars. We had never had them before and to be honest, Jordan and I didn't think we were missing out on much. They were cold and the outside was so weird. Neither of us had more then a taste of it. Jack, on the other hand is addicted to them. Check out this video of him eating his very first dilly bar:

Today, The Fabulous Won is doing a tribute to Triplet Moms and guess who got chosen for the tribute? You guessed it, none other then our mommy! You can read the tribute here .

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  1. Too, too cute! They have some new jellies at Target right now for girls. And last Summer I totally bought myself a pair of clear glittery jellies. Ahh, memories!