Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our New Picnic Table

We got a 6 person picnic table from our friends, The Hobsons for Christmas this year. When it came and it was cold outside we weren't sure what to do with it. Mommy and daddy told us that when it warmed up outside, we'd put it on our deck to play and have snacks on.

Well, lucky for us the weather has been beautiful for quite a few weeks, so daddy put the table together and we've been sitting at it. Okay, not really sitting...more like standing on it. (hehe) We (okay, not Jack but Addie & I) have been getting yelled at A LOT for climbing the table and trying to stand on it. Its such a fun game that its just too tempting NOT to try to get up on it. Jack is the only one that listens to mommy and actually sits at the table and reads his books (brown-noser) and plays with his cars. If he would just go with our plan and be naughty, too then maybe mommy would realize that's just "what kids do" and leave us alone.

Here's a few pictures of us at our table. Mommy actually took these last week before it got really warm, so that's why we have our hats on. There are also a few pictures of us at the park swinging. We usually get to go to a different park each day after lunch. Mommy says she takes us so that we'll nap for her in the afternoon. She really shouldn't tell us that, it just makes us try not to fall asleep then when we get home. I think she'll start to catch on to this "parenting" thing sooner or later. We are all hoping its later though so we can keep doing naughty, fun stuff!

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  1. I love the hats and the smiles - very cute!


    (mailing the package tomorrow)