Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Official 18 Month Photo Shoot

Mommy took us out yesterday to try to get our 18 month photo for our blog. We knew that was her secret plan when we saw her toss her camera in the car and made sure we all had brushed our hair before we left. Mommy needs to know brushing our hair is a dead give away before a photo shoot. She tried to tell us we were "going to the park to play and swing!" Well, we did get to swing but the playing was more of her chasing us around the park trying to get our pictures.

Here are the shots she thinks are somewhat useable. We have to laugh whenever its time for our monthly pictures because mommy gets so tired and frustrated at us when we don't stay put for a group picture. We know that and that's what makes it even funnier. This time, she had back up with her so it wasn't her trying to keep us all together AND try to take the picture (we thought we had already out-smarted her, darn it!). She also made us sit in our choo choo wagon for a few shots saying that these were "just in case" the other pictures didn't work out.

We can't decide which picture to use for our "official" 18 month photo so we are going to ask our readers to please vote on one of the pictures below. To vote, just go to the upper right-hand side of our blog and choose A, B, or C.




  1. B gets my vote. Adorable.!


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  3. I would vote B - you know I love that tongue on Jordan :P

    can you believe they are 18 months already?!? AH! we have our photos scheduled for next saturday. His 12 mos didn't go that great, hopefully these ones will :)

  4. One and 1/2 where did the time go?
    You are all my adorable little pumpkins.
    I pick B for the pic of the month.
    Hugs & Kisses from Memere & Pepere

  5. Hi Jamie! Thank you again for stopping by my store and WOW...your kiddos are TO DIE FOR. Seriously, they are just too beautiful. I voted for B. :)

    I'm also following along your blog. I love it. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Evy's Tree