Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese

This week, I met the greatest mouse I've EVER seen! I've heard that some "Mickey" mouse is great, too but I've never met him, so who knows? Mommy & Daddy took us to lunch on Sunday to a place called Chuck E. Cheese. I wasn't too interested on the drive there, until mommy said we were going to eat pizza. I love pizza. If I could eat it at every meal, I would. Daddy says that I have to eat other things, too though. When I get older and go to college, I plan to eat pizza every, single day.

Anyways - when we got to our lunch spot and opened the door I got the biggest grin I've ever had and couldn't stop looking around at all of the toys and rides! Addison and Jack thought it was a fun place, but they didn't love it the way I did! I saw Chuck E. Cheese, himself up front during the show that was going on. Then, while dad was ordering our pizza and my mom was setting us up in our high chairs, Chuck E. Cheese came right up to me and said "hi!". I was soooo happy I squealed and looked at mommy. I looked at her, assuming she was going to take a picture of me & Chuck E. since she always has her camera ready to go. Of course, this one time I wanted my picture taken, she didn't have her camera out yet!'s the pictures she got of us after "the best moment of my life" happened.

On a final note, my siblings would like you all to know that I was so excited that I actually "peed my pants" and it leaked through to my jeans. Since mommy didn't pack any extra clothes, I had to play without any pants on. I had just my diaper with my socks and shoes. I thought I looked pretty cool, but apparently others thought I looked pretty funny.


  1. so cute! HA - laughed at the pants story. Jax did the Same thing yesterday - while we were out rummage sale-ing! So guess who was forced to spend 25 cents on a pair of shorts for him :P I don't pack extra clothes anymore! Come on kids!! LOL