Friday, April 23, 2010

18 Months Old

We are 18 months old today! Can you believe it? I can finally say I'm "1 1/2 years old" or if I really want to, I could say "I'm a year and a half". Okay, so maybe none of us can say that much, but we are finally starting to talk to mommy & daddy more. Ya know, we do know what they are saying to us, we just figure- why talk when they know what we want anyways. That is, until this week. Mommy has started to ask us what we want and is always asking us, "do you want this towel?" or "do you want the magnet?" whenever I go to the fridge now. How can she not think that maybe I want a drink and not the kitchen towel? I think mommy is up to something, because she's making me have to ask for a lot of things or at least try to ask for them now instead of just whining.

We saw Dr Van de Loo this past week and got 2 shots each and a screening for Autism. Here's our stats for 18 months old.

Jack - 21 lbs 8 oz
Jordan- 22 lbs 10 oz
Addison- 24 lbs 11 oz

Jack- 2' 7 1/4"
Jordan- 2' 7 3/4"
Addison- 2' 7 1/2"

Here's what we are "working" on doing at 18 months:
-Eating with utensils
-Holding an adults hand to walk up the stairs
-Talking (for the record- I can say "pizza" now it comes out "eatza")
-Pretend play

Here are some pictures from this week. We got to go to a few different parks during the week. This picture is of us after the park today. We are always so thirsty after swinging and playing!

We also went to g'ma & g'pa's house this week. They got us a bench swing to be on while we are there. They told us it would be fun to have all three of us swing at once, but we didn't think it was that good of a time. I mean, half of the fun of swinging is watching my brothers whine and cry that they want a turn.

These last pictures are of ME being mommy's "model" for her photo shoot this week. I am pretty sure all of the top modeling agencies are going to be pounding down my door now after seeing these, so please talk to my agent directly. (hehehe)

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  1. what sort of autism screening did your pedi do? we have our 18 month appt next week.

  2. hey Dori- I just responded on your Madison blog

  3. You 3 sure are getting big.

    Why the Autism screening? Is it something standard that your Dr does at ALL 18 month check ups or are they concerned about something? None of my kids ever were screened for it, but then again being that I'm a special needs teacher and worked with Autistic kids our pedi knows that I know what to look for.