Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Jordan & Jack Kneewalker

This past week at the Riplet house was full of excitement. Addison had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin she was taking and developed Serum Sickness. She was up all night, every night for almost a week straight. She went to see 4 different doctors and even went on a midnight visit to the ER. She looked like she was in so much pain and she was itching like crazy. I was really worried about her. Whenever she'd get her coat on to leave, I would bend down to look at her making sure she was going to be OK. Jack wasn't as concerned because he liked the break from Addison stealing his toys. Here's a picture Addison with her hives.
Mommy & Daddy were both very worried and sad for Addison, too. Mommy was worried because she was supposed to go away for a girls weekend this weekend and daddy was worried because he was scared to have us all alone with Addison not sleeping! Luckily- she started to feel like herself again just in time for mommy to go on Thursday evening.
Jack and I were kinda bored this week because mommy & daddy were too busy with Addison most of the time. We decided we needed to do something to get their attention. That is when we decided we would become heroes. I already had the outfit for a super hero so I decided to start climbing the coffee table and acting like Superman. I also figured out how to get between the end table and the chair and dig through all of the magazines and take all of the remotes.

Jack has been tired of trying to walk all of the time so he decided to walk on his knees. He looks kinda silly and very short next to us walking on our feet. He is getting pretty fast at it though. He even convinces me to "knee walk" with him now and then. Auntie Dawn told him he could be Jack Knee Walker (like Luke Sky Walker). Jack loves being a hero now, too. He gets more attention this way then just plain walking.


  1. OH my word, JAMIE! Addison's body looked terrible! You must have been a wreck! Was she SO uncomfortable? Did the dr. not know right away what it was? You poor thing, having to take her to 4 diff drs! I am glad she is doing better. How long did that last? Can you imagine having all those hives on your body? OUCH!

    Laughed out loud at the flying Jordan :) Super cute! And the kneewalking is so pitiful :) Jack's like "Do I have to come all the way over there, mom?"

    Sorry my visits have been seldom. I think of you often. Been busy with the our church's family ministry lately. Did you take advantage of the nice warm days while they lasted?!?

    catch up with you soon!! And adorable new blog layout, by the way!!

  2. Jamie,
    I'm so sorry about Addie, I hope that she is feeling better and that you all are able to get sleep now. Hopefully we can get together with the kids sometime. I think your 3 and my 3 would have fun.