Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A St Patty's Day Surprise

Memere & Pepere sent us a BIG box full of fun treats and books for St Patrick's Day. We were so excited to dig through it all! I especially liked the bags of yogurt melts, Addison loved her new shoes and Jack went right for the new St Patrick's Day Countdown book. I also LOVED seeing the new "So Big" book with Elmo that they sent us. That is our very favorite book, but our old copy was ripped and torn into pieces.

I think most of you remember that when we first got the So Big book, Jack was terrified of Elmo popping out at him on the last page. He'd actually cry and jump whenever we'd read it. After only a few days of having it, Jack ended up ripping Elmo right out of the book. We had to read our book without anything on the last page now for months! Well, Jack didn't realize this was a new book. He thought it was the old one and boy was he shocked to see Elmo pop out at him at the end. Here's a video of him reading it.

Jack was so mad and upset at Elmo popping out at him! That night, when we got in our cribs, he told me he has no idea how that Elmo got back in the book. He said he knows he ripped him out, tore him into pieces and "disposed" of him. Thank you memere & pepere for the great box of goodies and for a good laugh.

This week Addison has been mastering her push toy skills. She loves racing around the house with our push toy and turning corners or turning completely around with it. She pretends she's shopping. She knows she needs to get her skills down so mommy will take her with next time she goes. Here's a video of her racing through the house this week.

Finally, mommy caught me climbing down the stairs this week. I love to turn and get on my hands and knees and crawl to the stairs as soon as I see the gate is open. Mommy always laughs when I start to do it. I'm not sure why, how else would I get down the stairs if I didn't back up to them? Here's my video for the week. Enjoy!

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  1. LOVE the new make over Riplets!!!!! You are all getting SO BIG! I can't get over it! I have to admit I definatly got a kick out of seeing Jack's expression seeing the return of Elmo. Poor kid, might not want to get him a jack in the box. LOL! Addie your gonna be a great shopping partner for Mommy. Jordan, good job on those stairs buddy!