Friday, March 26, 2010

The Easter Bunny

We went to see the Easter Bunny again today. I say "again" because we tried to see him earlier this week (at the mall) but he wasn't there yet. Then, mommy made us an appointment at a photo studio to get our picture with the Easter Bunny but we found out it was a live rabbit, not The Easter Bunny!

So finally, today we went back to the mall and met the real Easter Bunny. Mommy told us on the way there that we'd probably cry when we saw him and that we shouldn't be scared. When I got out of our choo choo wagon, mommy told the photographer that "she'll cry the entire time we try to get a picture" and that it was ok to get the picture with me crying anyways. I was so annoyed. Why did she think I would cry? Instead I walked right up to him and petted him. He's just a HUGE stuffed animal and I love my stuff animals, so why wouldn't I like him? I even went up to his basket and bent down and dug through all of his toys. I handed a few over to him and then he played with the toys with me. I even let him hold me for the picture.

Funny thing is, my brothers did not want to sit with him! Neither of them cried, but no one wanted the bunny to hold them on his lap. Jordan just wanted to run around and Jack just seemed annoyed he had to sit with us. After a few minutes of mommy looking stressed out, she finally decided she had to sit with the bunny and hold Jordan while they took our picture. Mommy told us afterwards she better actually wear make up next time we go for any type of pictures.

Since mommy was in our picture, she didn't to take a picture to put on our blog. She did take a few of me with the bunny afterwards though. Here they are...enjoy!

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  1. Oh Addison you are such a big girl. I love those pig tails, and those pretty pink shoes.
    I guess the boys just wanted to play at the playground. Boys will be boys.