Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Few of the Riplets Favorite Things!

We asked mommy if maybe we could do a post like Danielle's blog and tell all of our readers about how much we (mommy especially) LOVE A Few of My Favorite Things! Mommy is always finding great deals for us on it. She also enters every, single give away Danielle does. We've even been lucky enough to win a few times already! We've also been models for her products, when mommy sends in pictures of us wearing something we bought or won from the site. Today's post is one of those, we're showing off our "Rock" shirts. Just click here to see us!

Since Addison took over the last few posts, we thought "us boys" would show you a few of our other favorite things, too! Jack and I both love our blankies.

Jack also loves reading books and he's claimed this spot under mommy's sofa table as his "reading spot".

I also love my chair that my Aunt B and Uncle James got me for my birthday. I love to watch TV in it (okay, just Veggie Tales since that's all that's ever on around here)

One more of my favorite things is sippy cups. Especially when I get to drink 2 sippies as once. I guess its called "double fisting" which I am a pro at...please watch my video below.

1 comment:

  1. How precious are those boys!!
    Jack you will have to read us a story when we get there.
    I think Jordan got that double fisting from Daddy.