Thursday, December 3, 2009

Re-arranging Our House

So awhile ago, mommy & daddy made a room just for us and its called "The Toy Room". Well, we all really think the room is just too small for all of our toys and its kinda dark in there compared to the living room. Plus-when we get to watch Veggie Tales, that is on the big TV in the living room. Since we are getting pretty big and can move things on our own we decided to do some re-arranging. The three of us worked together yesterday and moved all of our toys (ok at least most of the toys) into the living room to play. Notice the second picture below is the old toy room. Its nice and open now for mommy & daddy to sit in and use as their living room.

We decided the living room just fits our toys and our needs much better. Now I can lick the slider window and Addison and sit in her chair and look outside. The toy room didn't even have a window we could see out of! Jack likes this room better, too because now he can push his toys into the kitchen. Check out this video of him.


  1. Yeah!!! my boys love having a window. Good choice kids!

  2. Looks like the Riplets have taken over.
    Good job kids!!!!

  3. AH - The new arrangments to fit the children :) Too funny! I like the licking comment!! Those santa pictures are pretty funny actually! I love Jordan's scowling face! Too funny.